The Challenge

Improve flexibility and efficiency

Introduce configurable products

Increase rate of growth

One person responsible for using and owning separate spreadsheets


The Solution

They wanted a solution that would lift them out of the habit of looking backwards at what they had previously done, Preactor AP and AS was that tool. It looks for emerging patterns of demand so that they can highlight potential resourcing issues.


The Benefits

Predicted future customer demand

Managed spikes in demand

Saved €30M on the first phase

Recorded 4% increase in delivery capability

Reduced inventory by 20%  (€11M to €9M)

Achieved 14% improvement in utilization

Cut Work In Progress by 60%



“Our new plaaning and scheduling tools are changing the way we think as a factory, enabling us to focus more on customers and taking us to the next stage of lean production. Reliability and responsiveness are crucial for our customers and the Preactor tools are now a part of our overall strategy.”