The Challenge

Mars has to manufacture a very large amount of product across a wide range of possible variations whilst also handling the diverse ways that demand comes from different markets. This would mean that scheduling accuracy would be a challenge with their current system.


The Solution

Mars wanted to become leaner, which meant using more accurate data and reducing stock levels and a better solution was called for. This solution was Preactor APS and GMPS (Now known as AS and AP Ultimate).


The Benefits

Lowering of stocks across the entire pipeline, which represents a very considerable cost saving.

One SKU stock levels have reduced from 10,000 to 4,000 pallets.

Led to Lean Improvements



“Anyone involved in the pipeline has visibility of the entire pipeline and this increases confidence and trust at every level. Preactor GMPS is driving internal behaviour change and we are definitely already seeing lean improvements. We have a long road ahead but there are undoubtedly big benefits in the future.