Career at Kudos Solutions- The specialist in planning and scheduling.

Why Kudos Solutions?

We are the largest Opcenter Planning and Scheduling partner in the UK and we specialize in the development, implementation and the support in planning and scheduling software for our customers.

With a team of currently around 20 employees, we create an energetic and friendly environment to work within.

We have great career opportunities within Kudos Solutions and we encourage career progression between the different departments, Support, Development, Implementation, Sales and Marketing.

We offer continuous training for all our employees in order to promote the further development of each individual and a comprehensive benefits package making us a fantastic company to work for.

Our Values

Quality in everything that we do, teamed with the highest possible customer service. To never accept or deliver something that we know we could have done better. To ensure all of our customers WANT to be our customers rather than HAVE to be our customers.