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Production planning & scheduling

Opcenter is a family of production planning and scheduling software products that improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes, giving you greater visibility and control to increase utilization and on-time delivery, while reducing inventory levels and waste. Opcenter APS is highly customizable capacity planning and scheduling package.


15-20% improvement in productivity- get more from what you already have

40-50% reduction in raw materials

40-50% reduction in make-span time- reduce WIP that slows down Production flow

50-90% improvement in customer service- increase on-time deliveries

These benefits can provide a ROI measured in months or just a few weeks

Opcenter APS complements existing software

Kudos Solutions implementations of Opcenter APS products are designed to work alongside and facilitate, rather than replace existing systems. Opcenter APS has been successfully integrated with many major ERP systems including SAP, BPCA, AS400 plus many bespoke and in-house programmed  systems running on platforms such as MS Access, MS Excel and SQL Server.

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