Opcenter APS Scheduling benefits: How to best make sequencing, syncronisatization, priorities, constraints and conflicts, monitor execution, manage change. Simple green diagram

Opcenter Scheduling is a scheduling tool primarily for manufactures that need to schedule machines, production lines and resources but is also used in services and logistics.

A scheduling software such as Opcenter Scheduling is a very important tool for manufacturing companies, as it helps to significantly minimize production times and costs. It can have a major impact on the productivity of a process.

Opcenter Scheduling takes into account the actual availability of resources and other constraints such as tooling and materials to produce a feasible schedule.

Orders can be quickly scheduled using intelligent built-in rules, and the planner can also manually interact with the schedule to make changes based on their experience.

Scheduling with the help of Opcenter Scheduling enables you to increase the efficiency of your production and reduce costs.

Feature Standard Professional Ultimate
‘Order at a Time’ scheduling
In software table and field renaming
In software grid view and dialog design Mid batch update (display only)
Attribute based simple setup times
Flexible Order Routing
File Based Export
File Based Import
Customizable spare fields 12 20
Multi-constraint scheduling (primary, secondary and materials)
Material consumption at order level
FIFO material linking rule
ADO.Net Data Source Import
Preactor Workflow tool (PESP) with Custom Actions to run external code
Transfer batching and Slack Times
Order Enquiry
Mid batch update with recalculation
Full Sequence dependent attribute based setup times
A set of standard advanced planning rules
Preactor workflow (PESP) Scheduling actions for multi-pass rules
Material consumption and production at operation level
Custom material linking rules
Material Explorer for material data visualization
Advanced resource constraints to model complex concurrent resource usage
Advanced operation constraints for complex inter-operation relationships
Exclude invalid resources based on attribute
Preactor Object API for data manipulation
Open Planning Board API for custom scheduling rules
Database schema and menu structure editing
All Preactor scheduling features and classifications