Opcenter APS Scheduling benefits: What to make, when to make it, how much to make, where to make it and the required materials and resources. simple blue diagram

Planning can be executed in finite or infinite capacity mode and planning time periods can be days, weeks, months or a combination of all three.

By using Opcenter Planning, parameters can be set against each item code, which allows different calculations for each item. For example, some products may be in “Make to Stock” mode while others are in “Make to Order” mode.

If used together with a Opcenter Scheduling system, detailed production schedule information can be sent back to planning system and this will override planned volume with scheduled volume. The Master Production Schedule (MPS) can then be recalculated using the production schedule as the base for the new results.


  • Allows full customisation of all tables and fields
  • Gives full flexibility of Opcenter classification changes
  • Event based customized program
  • Flexible planning periods from days, weeks or months (or combination of all 3)
  • Proposes accurate and achievable Master Production Schedule (MPS)
  • MPS all displayed in stock profile and usage graphs
  • Simple “Click and Drag” to amend planning period to another
  • “Make to Stock’ variation based on forecast and seasonality variances
  • “Make to Order- The ability to evaluate the effects of future demand changes in the manufacturing process
  • Import demand changes to create new plan