The Challenge

Aunt Bessies needed to increase efficiency of production planning of their processing lines whilst maintaining the correct inventory levels within a complex range of food products.

They needed to improve on a planning system which is a very time consuming process with no real visibility of actual production versus the manually projected plan.

Aunt Bessies business is very seasonal and their current planning and scheduling process was leading to poor customer service levels and excess waste, if they got it wrong.


The Solution

Planning and scheduling is a vital ingredient when producing for household names on such a scale, which is why Aunt Bessies chose to invest in a winning partnership of Preactor APS and QAD ERP.


The Benefits

Increased visibility from Preactor, helps react quicker to resolves issues

Drive process change within company about how we best run the lines.

Can now take into account maintenance of lines into the planning process.



“The increased visibility from Preactor has also helped us to respond quicker in a number of ways, especially when we have a problem on a line. Now we can immediately amend what stock we are/aren’t needing to move into our short-term holding area thus minimising costs and optimising space. Better visibility of stock by product group also helps with capacity planning which helps bring storage efficiency cost savings. Now we are focused not on “can we make it” but “how can we make it better”