The Challenge

NFP has over 800 different product types. Tight actual demand compared to forecast demand as well as actual production against planned production can have a huge impact on foil requirements, which has long lead times.

NFP run a business that has seasonal variances and therefore they need accurate visibility of their current and projected plan in order to know whether they can fulfil those orders.

Complex and time consuming spreadsheets could not cope with this and led to excessive stock levels of foil.


The Solution

Planning and scheduling on this scale and for such household brands requires a solution with an impeccable pedigree- One of the reasons that NFP invested in Preactor.


The Benefits

50% reduction in raw material stocks

Finished stocks reduced from 3 months to 3 weeks

Massive time saving in short term planning



“We have been able to get Preactor to do everything we wanted and now have full visibility of our production and purchasing requirements. Preactor has helped join everything that was previously disconnected together to work as an integrated whole. Decisions across the whole planning window are now based on an accurate, factual information and it has brought us a considerable cost and time saving.”