The Challenge

The business challenge within Springfarm Architectural Mouldings are that 80% of their customers are on the UK Mainland and therefore they need to be speedy and very efficient in shipping products.

As their business grew, their needs evolved and production became more complex and their current system become unstable and occasionally crashed.


The Solution

Springfarm Architectural Mouldings needed a tool that must respond to real-world scenarios and work around unexpected machine downtime as well as planned maintenance. They wanted more flexibility for schedulers to intervene manually and this was why they decided to use Preactor.


The Benefits

Additional 15% increase in throughput

Exceeded target of over 75% automated scheduling

Gained greater visibility that had a more efficient process and better support.

Reduced set up time by 5%

Minimised waste by managing the way in which cuts are made.



“We could not schedule the factory without Preactor, it understands each process and the constraints of each machine and puts each job on the planning board in the most efficient order.”